Birmingham 2011

Every year a small group of students has the opportunity to participate in an exchange project with students from King Edwards School in Birmingham. This year Theresa Weitz, Marie Griesheimer, Kira Mittelstädt, Natascha Ahl, Pascal Schulz, Yannick Kukutschka und Alexander Steigleder went there. Besides improving our language and getting experience in different jobs, we had the wish to make new friends. Everyone of us had individual ideas of our internship, for example, working at primary schools, engineering offices and administrations of justice.

Together with Ms Krafczyck the first part of our journey took us to Birmingham where we met our host families at the airport. We spent the following two days with our host families and got to know the area. We got used to the English language quickly, so talking was not a problem. When we met the other students again there were many interesting stories to tell. After work we had enough free time to go to restaurants, cinemas or bowling. The girls’ favourite place was the shopping centre “Bullring” while the boys had fun playing pool or going out. They also visited King Edwards School which looked like Hogwarts (Harry Potter). For everyone it was an interesting trip to Birmingham and some of us want to go there again.

At the end of the week we flew back to Germany together with the exchange students. They got to know the German culture with Ms Havel, their German teacher, and improved their German language. We were surprised about their good German which they have been learning voluntarily in three years at school. Apart from their internship we went to Heidelberg, Mannheim and had barbecues. The good weather supported the harmonious atmosphere between the nations.

After being together for two weeks it was time to say goodbye. We had done so many things together. That’s why it was hard to leave. All in all it was an exciting and a great exchange. We can recommend the trip to Birmingham to the new E1.